Hose Reels

       Advance Fluid Control provides workshop lube system installation services throughout New Zealand.

            Below are photos from some of the recent installations we have completed:


Oil tanks in workshop oil store Oil Store Tanks and Piping

Truck Workshop Oil Store with Waste Oil Storage on second level.

Tanks & Piping in Oil Store
Oil and Grease hose reels and dispensing guns in workshop service pit Waste Fluid Station with Oil Management Keypad alongside
Fluid handling zone between two service pits in a truck workshop Waste Fluid Suction Station with Wireless Oil Management System Keypad alongside.
Hose Reel Gantry with Reels attached Hose Reel Gantry with incoming Piping
Hose Reel Gantry in a truck workshop with Waste Fluid Station behind. Incoming piping to Hose Reel Gantry

Oil Storage Tanks in new workshop Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump sucking from Oil Tank
Clean Oil & Waste Oil Tanks + grease & oil pumps installed in a new truck workshop. Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump for bulk oil transfers.
Oil Hose Reels and Drip Trays Hose Reels and Oil Drainer in service pit
Oil Hose Reels with Meter Guns & Gun Holders between bays in a truck workshop. Hose Reels & Pit Mounted Oil Drainer in truck workshop service pit.

New Machinery Workshop oil store Oil & Waste Oil Tanks & Pumps Installation
Oil Store in new Equipment Workshop. Installed Clean Oil & Waste Oil setup.
Custom Oil Bar Waste Oil Pumping Station in Service Pit
Custom oil bar with waste oil pump station alongside. Waste Oil Pumping Station in service pit.