FAICOM High Flow 9:1 Oil Transfer Pump, Stub Length
A heavy duty & high flow 9:1 pneumatic oil pump for high pressure oil delivery and long distance oil transfer applications.
This heavy duty 9:1 oil transfer pump is an excellent option for high pressure delivery applications where extra grunt is required to pump heavy or viscous oils, especially over long distances and/or in cold conditions.
NOTE: Due to the high delivery pressures this pump can generate, ensure that all piping and connected equipment is able to accommodate these pressures. If in doubt please discuss this with us.
Suits Drum/Container Size: Variable
Pump Type: Pneumatic
Air Inlet Pressure: 3-7bar / 43-102psi
Pump Outlet: 3/4" BSPM
Pump Max Output Pressure: 63bar / 915psi
Pump Max Free Flow Rate: 36L/min
Duty: Heavy Duty