FIAC Pantograph Oil Drainer, 70L
A highly versatile automotive oil drainer, catering for vehicles on a hoist, over a pit, or on flat ground - and draining via either sump bung or dipstick tube.
This pantograph oil drainer is a great unit for oil changes under a vehicle where a vehicle lift or service pit are not available, as the drain pan can be placed at ground level under a vehicle, and the oil can be sucked from the pan into the main tank during draining.
Additionally, the drain pan also swings up above the unit to cater for use with a hoist or in a pit.
The addition of suction probes and hose assembly for extracting oil via the dipstick tube makes this a highly versatile unit which covers all automotive oil draining applications.
Item Type: Upright-Pantograph
Drain Type: Gravity & Pneumatic Suction
Tank Capacity: 70L
Suction Speed: 1.5-2L/min
Duty: Heavy Duty