LUBE PRO 5:1 Trolley Kit with 15m Oil Hose Reel
A popular & robust air operated mobile oil dispensing kit with 15m auto retract hose reel and digital meter gun. Suits 200-210L drums.
This Lube Pro Oil Dispensing Kit with Reel includes a heavy duty 4 wheel trolley, Lube Pro 5:1 pneumatic oil transfer pump, 15m dispensing hose reel including inlet hose, and an electronic oil meter gun.
This kit allows for the drum of oil to be easily moved to the general vicinity where oil is required, and the hose is then pulled from the retractable reel to the desired location for oil dispensing.
The digital oil meter gun displays the quantity dispensed, and when complete the hose is easily retracted into the reel due to the spring rewind function.
This kit is suited for dispensing all grades of oil.
Suits Drum/Container Size: 200L - 210L Drum
Pump Type: Pneumatic
Air Inlet Pressure: 5-8bar / 70-115psi
Pump Max Output Pressure: 40bar / 580psi
Pump Max Free Flow Rate: 14L/min
Hose Size & Length: 1/2" x 15m
Dispensing Nozzle: Digital Metered Gun
Trolley Type: HD 4 Wheel 180/220Kg Trolley
Duty: Standard Duty
Components: 4 Wheel Trolley, 5:1 Pump, Connector Hose, 15m Hose Reel, Digital Meter Gun