Electric AdBlue Pump Kit, 230V - man nozzle & digital meter
Adblue dispensing kit to fit 1000L IBC in locations where 230V power is available.
Comes with digital meter & manual dispense nozzle.
This 230V Electric AdBlue Transfer Kit is a convenient and fast way to dispense adblue where the dispensed quantity needs to be metered.
This kit consists of a 230V pump on a bracket to attach to the IBC, 1.5m suction hose, connection camlocks & fittings for IBC, 6m dispensing hose, digital meter, and manual dispensing nozzle.
Suits Drum/Container Size: IBC (1000L)
Pump Type: Electric - 230VAC
Pump Max Output Pressure: 1bar / 14.5psi
Pump Max Free Flow Rate: 25L/min
Hose Size & Length: 3/4" x 6m
Dispensing Nozzle: Manual Adblue Nozzle
Duty: Standard Duty
Components: 230VAC Pump, Mount Bracket, Digital Meter, 6m Hose, Manual Dispensing Nozzle, IBC Connection Kit