LUBE PRO Heavy Duty Fuel Transfer Hose Reel, 1" x 30m
This 30m spring retract diesel hose reel is compact with a low profile, making it well suited for machinery refueling, & low pressure oil transfer operations.
A hard to find product, this 30m x 1" diesel transfer reel is the perfect fit for applications where extra reach is required.
An excellent option for applications such as off-road refueling vehicles where it is not always possible to get right beside the machine needing to be refueled.
A versatile hose reel which can also be used for high volume, low pressure transfer of oils and other compatible fluids.
Fluid or Medium Type: Oil / Diesel / Kerosene
Hose Size & Length: 1" x 30m
Outlet Connection: 1" BSPM
Max Operating Pressure: 10bar / 145psi
Mounting Type: Fixed Base
Duty: Heavy Duty