LUBE PRO High Flow Rotary Fuel Pump, with 2m hose & nozzle
This is a highly effective hand operated pump for applications requiring fast transfer of fuels and oils up to SAE30.
A high flow manual rotary pump designed for fast refuelling by hand, delivering 1 - 1.2L per handle revolution depending on fluid viscosity.
With wetted parts consisting of aluminium, steel, zinc, nitrile rubber and Viton this pump is suitable for the transfer of most fuels and oils up to SAE30.
A popular and effective hand pump which gets the job done fast.
Suits Drum/Container Size: 60L - 210L Drum
Pump Type: Manual Rotary
Pump Outlet: Hose & Nozzle
Pump Max Free Flow Rate: 100L/min
Duty: Standard Duty